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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 3rd March 2013)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 3rd March 2013)

    Oggwyn Trench: Bartrams Comrade Bill Bartrams Egalitarian Anti-Imperialist Soviet Stout
    Bucking Fastard: Red Squirrel Conservation Bitter
    Mobyduck: Milk Street Beer
    Aqualung: Brentwood Boston Brown
    Wittenden: Brecon Genesis ii Imperious Beacons
    hondo: Ossett Brewery Patriot Pale
    gillhalfpint: Great Yorkshire Chocolate Orange
    aleandhearty: Brew Co Tantalus
    Real Ale Ray: Northumberland Gundog Bitter
    MJ71: Titanic Plum Porter
    Thuck Phat: Blue Bee Red White and Blue
    oldboots: Elland Tomahawk
    ROBCamra: Hop Studio XP
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    Good week to start the month with

    Ringwood - Boondoggle
    Pictish - Warrior
    Pictish - Chinook
    Doctor Mortons - Bag O Nuts
    Ossett - Route 66
    Abbeydale - Theology
    Jarrow - Westoe IPA
    Tiny Rebel - Full Nelson
    Morton - Scrumage
    Bartrams - Soviet Stout
    Bartrams - Little Green Man
    Empire - True Blone
    Brew Dog - Punk IPA (Fizzy Craft Keg)

    BOTW Deep Breath the full name is a long one , Bartrams - Comrade Bill Bartrams Egalitarian Anti-Imperialist Soviet Stout , very smooth and dangerously moreish at 6.9%
    Theres a Man with a Mullet going Mad with a Mallet in Millets !

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    A very poor week for beer,a session on McMullens Cask enough to turn anyone teetotal but a very decent pint of Red Squirrel Conservation Bitter making my BOTW in the unlikely surroundings of The Blackbirds,Hertford.

    Next week passing through Stoke Bruerne might get lucky,more likely BOTW in The George prematch.
    "Good people drink good beer" Hunter S Thompson

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    Junction 5, M3 , well fairly close.


    Very restricted in beer variety this week due to spending to much time at work ,(not by choice).
    Milk Street Folklore
    Milk Street Mermaid
    Milk Street Beer
    Skinner's Betty Stogs

    Milk Street Beer , 5% a bit sweet tasting for me but easily won BOTW for this week.
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    A fair selection this week, none of them were unimpressive.

    Bragdy Conwy Balchder Cymru 4.0%
    Brain's St David's Ale 4.1%
    London Fields Love Not War 4.2%
    Brentwood Boston Brown 4.4%
    O'Hanlon's Original Port Stout 4.8%
    Brodie's Old Street Pale 5.0%
    Cronx Entire 5.2%
    Brodie's Jamaican Stout 5.3%
    Thornbridge Jaipur IPA 5.9%
    Brodie's Superior London Porter 7.8%

    The three contenders were the Cronx Entire, the St David's Ale (Brains can brew a decent beer if they try!) and the Boston Brown. The award goes to the Boston Brown simply because it was something a bit different and served in excellent condition at £2.09 in the King's Ford at Chingford. It's an American Brown so the appearance is more like a boring brown bitter but it is rather different in that it has a slight sweetness with a more subtle hop flavour than most English bitters.

    BOTW Brentwood Boston Brown

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    Kent,London 'n' Essex. All good, nothing exceptional:
    Brecon:Genesis 2:ii Imperious Beacons-dark brown dry bitter chocolate Imperial Welsh Stout. On reflection, an ambitious choice for 1120 am.
    Adnams : Southwold bitter-sometimes, "old friends are best."A blast from the North Sea. Unfortunately, the Ghost Ship ran out.
    Adnams:Broadside-Dark ruby,luscious malt,just this side of sweet.Another old friend.
    Buxton: Moor Top-Pale with a seaweedy twang, reminiscent of Adnams in the 70s.
    Dark Star: Sussex Extra Stout- Black,dry and smooth, but disappointingly one dimensional for this brewery.
    Shepherd Neame: Amber Ale-Tasty malts and farmyard hops without the astringency associated with Master Brew. Actually, this was the sole beer drunk w/e 24th.Feb.
    My BOTW Brecon:[I]Genesis 2:ii Imperious Beacons
    "At that moment I would have given a kingdom, not for champagne or hock and soda, or hot coffee but for a glass of beer" Marquess Curzon of Kedlestone, Viceroy of India.

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    Ossett Brewery - Patriot Pale
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    Great Yorkshire (nee Cropton) Chocolate Orange 6% in the Slip Inn York Saturday. Wonderful. Went back for some yesterday, but it had gone. Sob ..
    Alcohol doesn't solve problems .... but then again, neither does milk.

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    Decent week for me, with a pleasing mixture of beer styles. Tried the following:

    Tyne Bank - Silver Dollar.
    Woodforde's - Norfolk Gold.
    Saltaire - South Island Pale.
    Little Valley - Hebden's Wheat.
    Great Newsome - Stone Creek.
    Saltaire - Coffee Hazelnut Porter.
    Brew Co - Tantalus.
    Hop Studio - Gold.
    Moorhouses - Black Cat MILD.
    Treboom - Yorkshire Sparkle.
    Great Heck - Angel.
    Kelham Island - Riders on the Storm.
    Elland - Nettle Thrasher.

    Some good beers in there, but the pick this week were the South Island Pale and Tantalus. As I mostly seem to nominate pale hoppy brews, I'll give the honour instead to Tantalus - a rich, sweetish brew in the style of an Abbey Dubbel. Very enjoyable.
    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    Northumberland Brewery - Gundog Bitter

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