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I'm considering taking a rest from my endless research. A week or so without brewing logs or old books. I need it.

Information overload. It's going to become common, evidently. The internet's to blame. Makes a change from it being parents. (When our kids misbehave I always say: "It's their parent's fault.") Humans are still learning to live with instant access to all information.

I'm struggling. I admit it. When I noticed that, rather than reading the newspaper on my way to and from work, I was thinking about the production method of brown malt, I knew something wasn't right. Or when my mind wanders away from the conversation I'm having, off to the London brewhouses of the 19th century. Definitely not healthy.

A week in Germany, that's what I need. Bavaria, really, is where I need to be. With nothing to think about, other than where my next sausage is coming from. To sit under spreading boughs, a glass of something lagery in my hand and fritter time away in a 100% unproductive fashion. A beer holiday. It's the only way of stopping myself thinking about beer the whole time.

That won't be happening until June. When Mike and I will live a worryless week in Northern Bavaria. It can't come too soon.