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Thread: pub crawls around west midlands and surrounding area

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    Default pub crawls around west midlands and surrounding area

    Hi real ale fans,i organise regular beer mini bus trips round the black country.We have exorcised all the uual bathams,holdens and enville pub and i am looking for pastures new i.e worcester,warwick,shrophire etc and the surrounding areas of the west midlands i would appreciate any pub crawls,areas and good pubs as my on line searching is giving me headaches.Local knowledge is a god send so thanks for your time and help

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    A best of Telford loop , some very good pubs and a good variety of ales ,

    Shifnal - The White Hart multi award winning real ale pub
    Madley - The All Nations Inn historic brew pub
    Dawley - Elephant & Castle newly reopened alehouse
    Wellington - Cock Hotel multi award winning real ale pub
    Wellington - The Wrekin Inn good alehouse
    Wrockwardine Wood - Bulls Head Salopian Beers , but more for its fantastic victorian bar
    Oakengates - Crown Inn multi award winning real ale pub
    Oakengates - Old Fighting Cocks Ironbridge Brewery Tap
    Oakengates - Station Hotel Yorkshire/Lanashire beers a speciality

    The three Oakengates pubs are all together at the top of the Main Street with plenty of food outlets around them .
    Not much distance between each pub the longest around 10 - 15 mins , most around 5 - 10 mins .
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    Hello Batham's Basher, welcome to the forum.

    Are you the organiser or the minibus driver? I have used Richard James' Black Country Themed Tours and Excursions several times but mainly around the core of the Black Country (he's a big Batham's fan and we used him in October for a Pubs Galore best of the Black Country pub crawl). I have also made an annual event out of the Severn Valley Railway pub crawl.

    There's the Midland Metro and the Wolverhampton to Shrewsbury railway line that offers the chance to drop in on some of the pubs that Oggy mentioned.

    My home town is Walsall but this crawl can easily be done on foot. It does not include the Pretty Bricks but it has re-opened fairly recently under the Black Country Ales brewery. If you could extend your crawl to Bloxwich (in an evening) you could take in the Turf Tavern (it has to be seen).

    You could easily occupy yourself on foot in Birmingham city centre, or Digbeth ... or Hockley.

    I would like to try something a bit different myself. Where are you based?
    Waes hael!

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