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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 10th February 2013)

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    Sharps Doom Bar
    Brentwood Boston Brown Ale
    Tring Bessemer
    Fullers Bengal Lancer
    Oakham/RCH Light Porter
    Oakham Bishops Farewell

    The Light Porter was a not as successful a collaboration as may have been expected from these two fine breweries. The Bessemer was good but outright winner, excepting Bishops Farewell, for BOTW was Fullers Bengal Lancer. Large brewery brews good beer shock!

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    Just the four, again, this week:

    Roosters - Yankee.
    Ashover - Liquorice Alesort.
    Fernandes - Irish Stout.
    Elland - Cascade Three Ways.

    The dark beers have it this week.Very little to choose from between the two stouts, but the Alesort just shades it.
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    I enjoyed Hackney American Pale Ale, Westerham Puddledock Porter and Tripel Karmeliet this week but the stand out beer was By the Horns Stiff Upper Lip. I've enjoyed a few good bottles from this brewery but this was my first on cask - a citrusy session ale. I'll keep my eye out for more from them.

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    Saltaire South Island Pale tried several times in The Baum last week.

    Only 3.5% but with a very tasty, light hoppy finish.

    I had a pint of it again in The Regal Moon last night which reminded me how good it was.
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