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Continuing the theme of Scottish beers, I have been sampling yet another excellent Scottish brewery this week. This time 'Fyne Ales' have come under my spotlight. They have been knocking around since 2001, and in the succeeding 12 years have picked up several awards for their beers. And having come across quite a few I can understand why. They are based at Achadunan, at the head of Loch Fyne, in Argyll, and their beers are as spectacular as the scenery.

Their beer range covers most styles, from the dark, red 'Vital Spark' to the golden bitter 'Pipers Gold' but the real jewel in the crown in my opinion, is their light, hoppy 'Jarl'. A sensible quaffing strength at 3.9% and packed with New World hops, it gives the lie to the old idea that Scottish beers are all malts and strength. An ideal beer for a session, (ask my younger namesake !).

If you want to give it a try then a call at the Grove may just solve your problem, they have 3 barrels of it just waiting to go on the bar. But you have to be quick. It does not last long .