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The current poll asks the question “What do you personally find offputting in pubs?” As a point of clarification, since a commenter asked the question, this is really about what you find offputting in some pubs, not pubs as a whole (although obviously one option currently applies to all pubs). It’s the kind of thing that makes your heart sink a bit when you venture into a pub. Interestingly, although not surprisingly, “Noisy children” is well out in front, having been voted for by 89% of respondents. There are plenty of other things I could have put in the list – one that has sprung to mind since I did the poll is uniformed bar staff.

Following this, I was thinking about doing another poll on what you find appealing in pubs, what brings a smile to your face when you walk in. The obvious one is a real fire in the grate, but if readers can think of any others I’ll consider including them in the list - mention them in the comments.