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Thread: The Roundabout Woodford Green

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    Default The Roundabout Woodford Green

    This caught my eye today as I have never seen a pub anywhere round here called The Roundabout.
    The Lost Pubs project has this to say :-

    The Roundabout pub was situated by a roundabout on Southend Road, South Woodford, London E18. In 1938 it was taken over by Charlie Brown Jnr, the son of a famous East London publican Charlie Brown who had been the landlord of the Railway Tavern in Limehouse, London E14 (q.v.). The Railway Tavern was more commonly known as Charlie Brown's and was eventually renamed Charlie Brown's before being demolished in the late 1980s. Charlie Brown Jnr has previously run the Blue Posts, later known as the Buccaneer (q.v.), in London E14, also demolished in the late 1980s. Due to the fame of the Browns the Roundabout was also nicknamed Charlie Brown's. In 1972 the Roundabout had to be demolished to enable the roundabout to be enlarged to take in slip roads from the new M11 and the new enlarged roundabout is known as Charlie Browns roundabout.
    According to Wikipedia the Roundabout was a Pub / Transport Cafe.

    I now know why the roundabout is universally known as "Charlie Brown's"!

    EDIT: I don't know where that Post Code came from but googling it seems to mainly throw up a Shell Filling Station and a Yoga Class.
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    As there is no info on the site we have removed that listing.

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