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I'm off to see my Mum in Scotland tomorrow and being the sort of chap I am, I thought I'd take advantage of the fact that my sister doesn't drink and on Wednesday, get her to drive us to somewhere with decent beer. No point in going to Glasgow in a car, so where else? I had a look at the 2010 GBG and on the Dumbarton side of the Clyde, apart from one pub in Milngavie (and I suspect that may just have Deuchars IPA), there isn't a single entry. What a beer desert.

Maybe we could go to West I suppose, even if it is Glasgow, but I wasn't that keen when me and my mate Jeff visited it a couple of years ago. It may have improved of course and at least it is an imposing place and we could have lunch, as well as on site brewed German style beer.

In view of the drought ahead, tomorrow though I might just pop into the Three Judges in Partick on the way to Dumbarton, as not only do they have good beer and it is an easy break of journey on the train, but a mate of mine works there, so I'll have someone to chat too.

Could be worse I suppose. But not much.