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One of the Town Centre pubs that I often overlook is The Vulcan in St Peters St. I do not really know why, it just seems to be in wrong place for me, but I tripped down there yesterday to take a look at what they had on offer. I was pleasantly surprised, especially after the concerns about another pub that I expressed last week. (incidentally that pub is still trading, albeit with a slightly lessened beer range).

To return to the Vulcan. It still maintains its commitment to real ale, so much so, that its beer range has now increased to six handpulled beers, often strangers to the area, and all kept in good condition and sold at a very competitive price.

If you fancy somewhere different to go at the bottom side of town, give it a go. The food menu is basic but again very competitively priced, and you may collect a new beer or two if that is your thing. I will certainly be adding to my must visit list for 2013.