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Been a great weekend this one, and shows no sign of letting up! One particular part of it made me feel on top of the world yesterday.

We offer Camra members a 10 discount on our rooms, which has worked by increasing take up of the rooms so far this year. A couple checked in yesterday, and he pulled out his Camra card and asked about the discount. Nothing unusual there, showed them to their room, all is well.

Later on in the evening, I fancy a pint as the evening starts to wind down (Dorothy Goodbody's Ruby Ale - beautiful. Shame it's only a guest ale!). Seeing the couple at the bar say hello, and we start chatting. It turns out he had only recently 'found' real ale, and when he saw the ale page on our website and then the discount offer, he booked straight away. Immediately after booking, he joined Camra - because of the discount! Hence he didn't mention the offer when booking, but upon checking in as his card had arrived.

I see this as a win-win-win situation. He was happy, he'd got a deal staying in the only pub in the town that does guest real ales (5 handpumps, 7 ales over the weekend). I was happy - I'd finally found an offer that genuinely seemed to work, rather than just us loosing money (in that most guests that take up offers would have booked anyway on the feedback forms we did last year). And I had been part of the team that had made this particular couple very happy indeed.

Camra had won as it had a new member. Nobody was loosing out in this scenario. And for a while, that really gave me hope for this trade. At times, you really feel like banging your head against a wall, when all you read in the mainstream papers and trade press is bad news. So something that genuinely appears* not to have any down-side gives a great mini-boost, especially at this time of year.

And hopefully, to top the weekend off, the brewery I'm off to have a look at tomorrow will be just what I'm after, and at the price I'm after too. Who knows - tomorrow may well be another day where there's no downside - I get what I'm after, and he gets rid of what he needs. Here's hoping.


*If anyone finds any potential downsides, please let me know through the comments! Cheers