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I have always thought that the essence of blogging - beer blogging -is not only opinion, but the relating and contextualising of experience. It isn't just a medium for the wordsmith, but also for the ranter, the raver, the disgruntled and the obsessed, or even those just interested in telling you what beers they drank. I probably am a bit of all that. I like to think what I write is broad based and has a reasonably wide appeal, and though pubs are what I like most, I have no wish to eulogise in Sunday Supplement terms about them, as to me the appeal of a pub is largely personal and often, non transferable. That's why I don't simply write pub reviews

However this IS my 1000th post so looking back is inevitable. I can't help but notice the difference between blogging then and now. The people are of course mostly different. No Stonch, who was my inspiration in starting this, though I do see his ebullient alter ego Jeff Bell from time to time. Many others have fallen by the wayside too and many more have taken their place. To me blogging is struggling a bit at the moment. Or rather, beer blogging is. I do get the feeling that Twitter has pretty well undermined blogging and though my readership remains high, it is harder to make an impression when attention spans prefer the immediacy of Twitter to the more thoughtful and time consuming blog. Blogging has changed and the contributors have changed with it. For the better? Maybe, maybe not, but it has still been great to be part of it and of course to have met so many genuinely good people because of it, but of course, beer really does bring good people together.

So I'll keep plodding on. I actually enjoy doing this. How long will that continue? Who knows? Until I have nothing more I want to say, or when I get fed up. That Dear Reader may well be a while.

I'll finish with this link to my own favourite post. An indulgence I know, but it's my blog, so there.