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I received a very glamorous bottle of beer from Black Sheep Brewery last week. It is a fancy 10% abv effort, celebrating 20 years of the company's existence. It was nice of them to include me, though I'm not sure when I'll get the chance to drink a 75 cl bottle of such strong beer. At least it won't go off soon.

We do have a slight connection though, me and Black Sheep and one that does make this kind gift apposite. Around 21 years ago, I was present at a beer tasting by Black Sheep before they launched. It was held at the Beer Emporium in Oldham, a pub which alas no longer exists. I can't remember what feedback I gave on the beers, but no doubt me and others did, so I have contributed, albeit in a small way. It is at least a connection.

Good to see they have survived and prospered.

There is a good photo of the Beer Emporium here, but take the date of the photo with a pinch of salt. It was closed and knocked down long before 2009