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Thread: Conflict of information on closed pubs in Sheffield

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    Default Conflict of information on closed pubs in Sheffield

    This is going to be complicated, and as it involves two closed pubs you'll probably think hardly worth the effort, but here goes:

    According to Sheffield History website's list of closed pubs, the original name of the pub we have listed as The Front Room was the Bull and Oak. It was at 76-78 Wicker and was demolished over 10 years ago. This agrees with information I got locally - the Front Room was no longer extant - and which I added as a comment on the closed pub request that I posted two years ago. The PuG listing has the address as 68 Wicker, rather than 76-78. The photo submitted by Peter Ashworth in December last year is of the building that stands at 68 Wicker. I have submitted another today.

    The PuG listing at 76-78 Wicker is Bull & Oak. I think this is the Front Room.

    The Sheffield History website lists another pub at 68 Wicker: the Brown Cow. (There was an Old Brown Cow at 56 Wicker that was demolished and the Brown Cow Vaults was then established at 68.) To complicate matters, the Closed Pubs website gives 68 Wicker as the address of both the Brown Cow and the Front Room. Clearly there has been an error somewhere, but I suggest the fact that the Closed Pubs website has a photo of the Brown Cow (clearly the same building as Peter & I have photographed) but not of the Front Room corroborates my view that the latter has been demolished.

    If you agree with my analysis, I suggest that the present listing of the Front Room should be renamed the Brown Cow. The comment in the closed pub box should really then apply to the listing of the Bull & Oak, which should be renamed the Front Room. Hope that can be done without too much trouble.

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    It isn't actually possible for me to move the closed pub comment text so I have done it slightly differently.

    The Front Room is at 76-78 Wicker and has the comment about it being demolished.

    Brown Cow is at 68 Wicker and contains the photos from yourself and Peter.

    Hope I got that right, let me know if it still isn't quite there!

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