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It's been raised that the BrewDog tasting at the Rake is somehow in contravention to my article and I can understand how some confusion has arisen so I'd like to just clarify the situation re: the Rake and lovebeer@borough.

The Rake is not my business and I have nothing to do with the BrewDog tasting and nor will I be attending.

lovebeer@borough is the business I have an interest in and it has nothing to do with this event, despite the event going on in the space that people normally associate with lovebeer@borough, it is merely a room above the Rake where we hold our events.

The Rake bar is owned by Mike Hill & Richard Dinwoodie and run by Glyn Roberts - and whilst we collaborate on lovebeer@borough I have no right to tell them what to do with their business and my opinions are not theirs and vice versa.

Hope this clears these questions up and sorry for any confusion.