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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 21st October 2012)

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    Oakham Ales - Endless Summer
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    Roosters Wild Mule

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    Loads of good Ales this week for a change as I was on a weeks leave so Top Five only.

    1) Colchester Brewery Red Diesel
    2) Mauldons Brewery Silver Adder
    3) Moles Brewery Rucking Moles
    4) Summerskills Bunker Hill Bitter
    5) Blindmans Brewery Blindmans Icarus

    All so good its a hard call But I will go for the Red Diesel Colchester Brewery as Ale of the week.
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    A few tried whilst boating with Mr Fastard:
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Shugborough Jasper
    Theakstons Olde Peculiar
    Holdens Golden Glow
    Ossett Big Red
    TT Landlord

    Tricky to call but BOTW was the Shugborough Jasper which was then taken off due to being hazy. A fair call but the pint I had was an excellent 4.5% amber ale with all the bitterness you'd expect from a beer which Titanic have had a hand in brewing.

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    Had a quiet week - just two real contenders:

    Whitstable Oyster Stout and Buxton Dark Nights, with the latter sneaking it. It's described as a US style Winter Porter, but I thought it was a straightforward winter warmer.

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    Had a week's walking in the South Pennines and Yorkshire Dales, so sampled a lot more ales than would usually be the case. Those that stand out in the memory are:
    Goose Eye Bitter at The Turkey Inn, Goose Eye.
    Bank Top Flat Cap at The Red Lion, Earby.
    [I wish I could have had a drink at The Pendle Inn, Barley, but it was before opening time when I passed that way.]
    Moorhouse's Blond Witch at the Hark To Bounty Inn, Slaidburn.
    Thwaites Nutty Black (MILD) at the Three Horseshoes, Ingleton.
    [I didn't have the energy to walk the extra yards on a cold dark night to the Masons Arms outside Ingleton, and was gutted when I took a photo the next morning to see that they were selling their own Nine Standards beers for £2 a pint.]
    Nine Standards Silver Standard, Naylor's Pinnacle Bitter and Goose Eye Poulters Pride all at The Talbot Arms, Settle (my pub of the week - would have stayed to try the other three beers but had to walk to Malham for a bed).
    Black Sheep Bitter at the Rose & Crown, Bainbridge (especially memorable as I had to run half a mile to the pub - ok, it was downhill - to have time for a drink before my bus to Hawes).
    Black Sheep Riggwelter at The Fountain, Hawes.
    Wall's Brewing Company's Katzenjammer at The Bolton Arms, Redmire.
    Copper Dragon Best Bitter at the Buck Hotel, Reeth.
    Truefitt North Riding Bitter at The Bishop Blaize, Richmond.
    Cameron's Strongarm at The Pennyweight, Darlington.
    Bristol Beer Factory Seven at the York Tap.

    Beer of the week, though, was my last pint of the week after I got back to Sheffield:
    B&T Shefford Bitter, an awful long way from home but in very good nick, and only £2.30 a pint at The Blake Hotel.
    Come On You Hatters!

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    Quite a few decent pints over the week but right at the death on Sunday night we visited The Hop in Sheffield.

    They were having a green hop festival.

    I'd love to have chosen Irwell Works Green Manilishi with the Two Hopped Crown just for the name.

    (Almost) named after my favourite Fleetwood Mac track when Peter Green was king.

    Unluckily for them Fernandes Green Gold was a much better beer, if not as good a name. So it's my BOTW.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ROBCamra View Post
    I'd love to have chosen Irwell Works Green Manilishi with the Two Hopped Crown just for the name.
    Oh well!!

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