I've finally gotten around to watching the Sink the Bismarck video, apparently when I was trying to catch it yesterday it was down and being re-edited, but I can't see how it could have been much worse.

Sorry lads, I like you personally and have taken quite a bit of flack about not blogging or writing about your increasingly erratic, headline-grabbing tactics because I really wanted you to succeed and thought that perhaps quietly communicating privately with you would be a more civilised route to take.

So, I was thrilled when TNP's labelling was so elegantly worded, which seemed to echo the approach I suggested to James, and that the beer was so good - but I know I'm not alone in feeling let down by your latest stunt because it's just not acceptable.

It's morally and socially unpardonable to think it's okay to use an event where nearly 2,000 people died to get back at rival brewers, just because they made a stronger beer than you - in fact, as I type that and see it in black & white I have actually cringed, I hope you have too.

And saying that it's named after the film is no excuse either. What would you say if a company run by Afghans or Iraqis called a soft drink 'IED - it'll blow your mind!', would you think that was funny, or amusing, or entertaining?

Because that's also about as sensitive as using the words Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles - the first verse of the national anthem that was banned along with the sexist second verse because it recalled the reign of the Nazis!

Frankly, I'd like to see you get back to concentrating on exciting, interesting and groundbreaking sessionable drinking beers because, to be honest, the last three 77 lagers I had were diacetyl bombs and the last 5am Saint was distinctly oxidised.