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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 2nd September 2012)

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    West Sussex in the rain:
    Langham-Sundowner:a decent golden with tropical fruit;could have been a bit keener: perhaps the rainy midday didn't help.
    Arundel-Sussex Gold:what it said on the tin.
    WJ King-Horsham Best Bitter:a proper saloon bar stalwart,sweetish resinous malt with a long dry finish.What we are best at! My BOTW
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    Runners and riders this week:

    Fuller Wild River
    Ringwood Fortyniner
    Flack Manor Double Drop
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Wood Farm Best

    A decent selection and the one that surprised most and gets BOTW is Fullers Wild River.

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    Some of the better beers this week included Dark Star Ardennes Pale, Liverpool Organic Simcoe and Rebellion Blonde - the latter enjoyed in tip-top condition in the Bree Louise, believe it or not.

    None of these could stand up to Marble Draft though, which was a BOTW for me back in February and on just as good form in the Sheffield Tap on Saturday.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pubsignman View Post
    Liverpool Organic Simcoe
    Rather like the sound of that, PM. One of my favourite hops. The Fernandes version, a few weeks ago, was also excellent.
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    My first week back on the proper stuff after the USA trip and I had a right old mixed bag of beers.

    The winner by an absolute street length though was Marble Lagonda tried, where else but, The Baum.

    It took at least 6 trial brews to get this one right and they took feedback from their customers as to which one they preferred.

    The Baum had 3 of the trial brews and it was well worth the effort as the chosen brew is superb.

    I had 5 pints of it on Tuesday, so it must have been good against 6 other options.
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