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It is hard to keep track of the new breweries this year, it seems that there is a new one every day, some being easier to find than others. One of the more difficult is the New Inn Brewery, Roberttown. The reason being that the beer does not seem to leave the pub so it means a trip there pub to sample it.

I had heard rumours a while ago that they had intended to start brewing and after a chance meeting this week heard that one of their beers was already on the bar at the pub. Seemed an opportunity not to be missed so I trekked across yesterday to see what was on offer. And there, alongside the other five beers on the bar was 'Golden Bob' at 4.0%, a decent quaffing strength and a pleasant enough beer. It was well balanced, with a decent malty background and a smooth rather than bitter taste which I suspect comes from English hops. All in all not a bad first beer.

I believe, although cannot confirm because the staff at the pub were busy with customers, that they brew on a 1/2 barrel plant in the cellar of the pub and produce just two beers that come on the bar in rotation. Again I am unsure if the intention is just to brew for the pub or to sell outside as well but no doubt a further visit may answer my questions, unless some one out there can fill us in.

A welcome addition to West Yorkshire's breweries (after yesterday's geographical cock ups I know that Roberttown is in West Yorkshire, or as my namesake may insist, the West Riding!), and easy enough to reach from Huddersfield should you fancy sampling it. And at £2.50 a pint it does not break the bank.

Thanks to Bloke from Hull for the head up about the brewery.