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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 12th August 2012)

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    As I've been chasing it around the Rock this week it's going to be Bushy's Gibraltar Barbary Beer
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    Well this week's choice was easy - Fullers London Pride. It was the only beer I drank this week. An old college friend had a fiftieth birthday bash, in Essex, and got a firkin in. Fortunately, it was fresh as a daisy and after a swift gallon, or so, I was transported back to the early 1980s when I used to drink it on the roundabout, outside The Warrington, in Maida Vale. Ah, memories.
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    I'm just catching up on a few threads, having returned from my summer holiday in South Africa. I only managed one beer this week but thankfully it was a decent one - Salopian Kashmir - an American Pale Ale which reminded me somewhat of Dark Star Revelation. A good beer to finish on before two weeks of drinking Castle and Windhoek Lager.

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