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My local is getting a new landlady. The current incumbent has given it a good shot, but has decided it isn't for her. We've known for ages and the pub has been struggling, as inevitably enthusiasm has waned, particularly as the licensee has a new job. The uncertainty about the future of pubs is is a common enough phenomenon I suppose and at least, though it has taken ages, we are getting someone to take over. Not everyone is that lucky in these days of closures. We are all glad and just want to get back on track beerwise and for a period of stability to commence. There has been a few issues in the period of change, or rather, waiting for change to happen. Beer quality has sometimes been poor, so much so, that yesterday a mass evacuation to the Ship was undertaken. There, there was much relieved supping of quality beer, mostly on cask, but in my case it was Bohemia Regent, which has become a firm favourite.

The date of the handover has been agreed and the new lady - for it is a she - will take over from the 13th August. I've already met her and she tells me she likes her cask ale, so to cement her into that, I gave her a CAMRA membership form.

We have no idea what her plans for the pub are yet, but a liking for cask beer is a very good start.