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Thread: Fuller's Wild River

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    Quote Originally Posted by Pubsignman View Post
    ...maybe needs a bit of tweaking.
    Quote Originally Posted by PaulOfHorsham View Post
    ...I found it more bitter and not as hoppy as I'd expected.
    The above comments sum up my thoughts, pretty much. When you consider it's double hopped with a blend of Cascade, Chinook, Williamette and Liberty, you'd expect a bit more oomph.

    Ossett still seem to have a reciprocal trading agreement with Fullers, as their beers feature heavily on the pumps. I tried it, on Sunday afternoon, in the Fernandes Tap and paid around £2.90.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Millay View Post
    You're not still here are you? I am in here now. I was going to get my train but the Wild River is on so I suppose I should give it a go. The things I do for PuG !!
    Sadly I was only in for lunch with my son after watching the Badminton at the Wembley Arena in the morning,and oops sorry about quoting the wrong price,it must have been the shock.
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    I must live in the only town within 50 miles of Chiswick not to have a Fullers pub, in fact Fullers are hardly represented at all out my way. Even Pride is a rarity! Fullers are so ridiculously expensive that I'm a bit loathe to visit the central London ones where £4 a pint is now the norm rather than the exception. That said, I'll keep an eye out for this newby as it sounds like it's right up my street.

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