19:29 arrived back in Watford and another decision to make, have I had enough beer? I think not!! Watford isnít great for real ale but the Southern Cross is one place where you will find some interesting beers and I went for the Roosters AprŤs Ski , a golden beer at a manageable 4.3%. I then spotted the 2009 Supreme Champion Rudgate Ruby Mild so had to have one of those before I left. My scrawled notes infer that I also stopped off on the way home at the Nascot Arms for an Old Hookey and then again at Champions for a Hobgoblin .

22:10 I arrive home poorer of pocket but richer of experience and with a Chinese takeaway of which, as is traditional, half was found uneaten in the kitchen this morning.

OK, now for the stats for those interested in that sort of thing.

Total door to door crawling time - 16 hours 10 minutes

Number of train journeys - Six

Total time on trains - 5 hours 21 minutes

Number of pubs - Eleven

Total time spent in pubs - 6 hours 50 minutes

Number of beers - 14 pints and two halves