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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 29th July 2012)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 29th July 2012)

    hondo: Clarks Classic Blonde
    Thuck Phat: Hop Back Summer Lightning
    aleandhearty: Roosters / Odells The Accomplice
    gillhalfpint: St Austell HSD
    Bucking Fastard: Dark Star Hophead
    Spinko: Wickwar Sunny Daze
    Real Ale Ray: George Wright Lubelski
    Mobyduck: Thwaites Indus IPA
    Oggwyn Trench: Castle Rock Harvest Pale
    Wittenden: Surrey Hills Brewery Shere Drop
    Alesonly: Ringwood Fortyniner
    Pubsignman: Hawkshead Windermere Pale
    ROBCamra: Black Jack Aces High
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    Clark's classic blonde
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    Two contenders, both excellent.
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    BOTW Hop Back Summer Lightening

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    An excellent week for beer, both in choice and quality. Tried the following:

    Phoenix - West Coast IPA.
    Fullers - Wild River.
    Allgates - Golden Aeld.
    Fernandes - Simcoe.
    Otley - O3 Boss.
    Brew Co - Brewers Gold.
    Great Heck - Golden Bull.
    Truefitt - Ironopolis Stout.
    Roosters - Welsummer.
    Nethergate - Basing Park Blonde.
    Roosters / Odells - The Accomplice.
    Red Squirrel - Red Dawn MILD.
    Cap House - Miners a Pint.
    Cap House - Foxhunter.
    Cap House - Miners Light.
    Cap House - Ruby.
    Rat - Red Rat.
    Elland - Midsummers Night Porter.

    On a quiet week, the Ironopolis or the Red Dawn would probably have won. However, the Accomplice was an absolutely stunning IPA. Not only BOTW, but my beer of the year so far.
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    This was our last week in Cornwall and our beers were:

    St Austell HSD
    Moor Nor'hop
    Skinners Spriggan Ale
    Hop Kettle Hay Bale
    Pot Belly Welland Truly
    Penzance Brisons Bitter

    Although I found the Skinners to be one of the best , must give BOTW to St Austell HSD.
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    An old faithful made it to BOTW,Dark Star Hophead,a great session ale consumed with gusto during a great session in The Charles Lamb,Islington.An interesting pub with a gallic feel.

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    This Space For Hire
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    Quite a few good ones this week around Manchester.

    Joseph Holts - Bitter, Crown and Anchor
    Brewdog - Punk IPA, BrewdogManchester
    Magic Rock - Cannonball, Port St Beer House
    The Kernel - Citra IPA, Port St Beer House
    Wickwar - Sunny Daze, Smithfield Hotel
    George Wright - Drunken Duck, Smithfield Hotel
    Bobs - White Lion, The Angel

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    BOTW - George Wright - Lubelski
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    Beers this week were-
    Skinners-Betty Stogs
    Thwaite's-Indus IPA
    Young's -Bitter
    Young's -London gold
    Young's- Special
    Brains- Reverent James
    Courage Best

    The winner is Thwaites Indus IPA.
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    Decent weekends drinking

    Green Duck - Quakers
    Pictish - Siren
    Pictish - Dana
    Pictish - Junga
    Bobs Brewing - Yakima
    Castle Rock - Harvest Pale
    Salopian - Hop Twister
    Buxton - Special Pale Ale
    Salopian - Oracle
    Wye Valley - HPA
    Oakham - Bishops Farewell
    Jennings - Snecklifter
    Brakspear - 99
    Hop and Stagger - Golden Wander
    Buxton - Moor Top
    Liverpool One - Mersey Mist
    Marston Moor - India Pooch Ale (IPA)
    Burton Bridge -Golden Flame

    BOTW Castle Rock - Harvest Pale , just right for a warm saturday afternoon
    Theres a Man with a Mullet going Mad with a Mallet in Millets !

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