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Thread: Rain stops play.

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    Default Rain stops play.

    Went to Hereford Beer Festival on Friday afternoon. Usual CAMRA chaos (tokens,loads of bods in red vests marching around like tinpot napoleons,serving people chatting instead of serving etc etc) but the beer was very good,Goose Eye stout being my pick. However it poured down all afternoon. And there seemed to be no contingency for the forecast,the bogs and the food stalls were in the usual location a long walk across the green area at the back of the tent,which was always going to be a disaster. I saw the sum total of TWO wheelbarrow loads of chippings being put down and this was on already waterlogged ground. Needless to say early Saturday morning the festival was abandoned..............

    Secondly,next Saturday's Woodcote Steam Rally and Ale Festival near Reading has already been cancelled. And a correspondent recently communicates his worries for Chelmsford during this week.

    I'll leave someone else to talk about Silverstone and Wimbledon,those non important sporting venues.........

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    I feel sorry for those who turned up in sandals

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    Let's hope the weather deteriorates for the Olympics.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spinko View Post
    I feel sorry for those who turned up in sandals
    Serves them right ,especially if they were wearing a sandal and white sock combo
    "Everybody's got to believe in something. I believe I'll have another beer."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aqualung View Post
    Let's hope the weather deteriorates for the Olympics.
    Me too
    "Snouts in the Olympic trough: Fury as MPs are gifted free tickets by sponsor for biggest night of the Games"

    Daily Mail [sorry]
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