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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 1st July 2012)

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    I'll stay on me own Alesonly's Avatar
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    Had a few decent Ales this week Top Five from Memory below

    RCH East Street

    Tom Woods Bomber Country

    Elgoods Grayhound

    Banks & Tailor Shefford Pail Ale

    Banks & Tailor Shefford Old Strong

    Hard Call but I will go for the Tom Woods Bomber Country as Ale of the Week.
    Don't You just hate Pubs that say
    ( We don't stock any Real Ales as theres Just no call for it.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Millay View Post
    The Downton Chocolate Orange Delight that I had earlier in the week will take some beating but I'll let you know if I manage it.
    No, didn't manage it, so that's my BotW
    I've just joined Alcoholics Anonymous - I still drink, just under a different name.

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    I was beginning to wonder whether or not I would be able to choose a BOTW this week.

    I'd had quite a few beers, but none of them had made me go Wow, that's good, I'll have another.

    Milk Street Zig Zag Stout was probably the closest until about 10:30 on Saturday night in The Baum.

    A Green Mill beer went off and Mallinsons The Beach Is Back went on instead.

    Strong, hoppy and very tasty. Typical Mallinsons. Easily my BOTW.
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    A late entry this week due an extended boating trip. A few tried on a tour of Leeds courtesy of the knowledgable and discerning Mr Aleandhearty and one or two the following evening in Keighley.

    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Ilkley The Chief, Siberia
    Kirkstall Dissolution IPA
    Redwillow Feckless
    Hopdaemon Green Dragon
    Off Beat Out of Step IPA, Way Out Wheat
    Partners Tabatha, Ghost
    TT Landlord

    Against some very stiff competition especially from TT Landlord supped at The Boltmakers, my BOTW was Off Beat Out of Step IPA sampled in convivial company at Veritas.

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    Very late submission from me,just back from navigating the full length of the Leeds and Liverpool in a week and only partially sobered up.Many thanks to a&h's excellent guided tour of central Leeds and I agree with his selection of Ridgeside's Last Horizon as pint of the crawl,but a visit to The Boltmakers in Keighley the following night tipped the BOTW choice to Timothy Taylor Landlord in perfect condition ,smooth,subtle,a real classic when kept as well as this.Good job the curry house was directly over the road

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