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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 24th June 2012)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 24th June 2012)

    hondo: Red Squirrel Hopfest
    Alesonly: St Austell Proper Job
    Thuck Phat: Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Mobyduck: West Berks One Over The Eight
    Oggwyn Trench: Liverpool Organic Pale Ale
    Millay: Wychwood Hobgoblin
    Spinko: Magic Rock Carnival
    Al 10000: Maypole Major Oak
    Real Ale Ray: Springhead Aegir Blonde
    Quinno: Cherry Baccus
    Wittenden: Timothy Taylor Golden Best
    Bucking Fastard: Devilfish Bomb Shell
    Old Blue: Robinson's Globe Hopping
    gillhalfpint: Hunters Full Bore
    oldboots: Mallinsons Galaxy
    aleandhearty: Great Heck Famous Five
    ROBCamra: WJ King Brighton Blonde
    Pubsignman: Partners Ghost
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    hopfest brewed by Red Squirrel Brewery
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    After last weeks marathon session the only 2 Pints Ale I had this week was back on Monday Lunch time. Nothing till next Wednesday now so my Ale of the week will have to be.
    St Austell Proper Job.
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    ( We don't stock any Real Ales as theres Just no call for it.)

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    Normal service is resumed. Only one to choose from this week and it remains as good as ever. BOTW Oakham Bishops Farewell.
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    This week its" one over the eight "from West Berks Brewery, have just revised my choice ,should be more patient.
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    A good night and i reckon i have just cleared the 200 different beers mark for this year not bad when i normally only go out once a week .

    Doctor Mortons - Ball Relief
    Doctor Mortons - Essence Fumour
    White Rose - Hodgsons Choice
    Pictish - Saaz
    Pictish - Liberty
    Liverpool Organic - Pale Ale
    Six Bells - Supper
    Batemans -XXXB

    Not a bad pint between them , very close but i think the Liverpool Organic - Pale Ale just shades it
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    I am roughly in the middle of (just ordered no.4) a Wychwood Hobgoblin session. It's going down so well that I'm not sure I will move onto anytjing else so I am declaring that as my BotW now. It was run clise by something called Chimney Sweeper from Church End (?) that i had in the week.
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    I'll stay on me own
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    Magic Rock - Carnival

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    I'll stay on me own
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    Jul 2010


    A decent days drinking yesterday beers tried were

    John Smiths Cask
    Taylor - Landlord
    Marstons - EPA
    Batemans - XB
    Greene King - IPA
    Fox Beer Co. - Mr Toad
    Everards - Tiger
    Maypole - Major Oak
    Jennings - Cumberland
    Jennings - Queen Bee

    My beer of the Week goes to Maypole Major Oak tried in the Royal Oak Aubourn

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    Thanks to yet another trip to Nottingham, also Chesterfield and Grantham - some good beers sampled:

    Ashover Hummy
    Ashover Hydro
    Springhead Aegir Blonde
    Exmoor Hound Dog
    Longman Trad Sussex Best
    Thornbridge Topaz
    Leatherbritches Bounder
    Blue Monkey Simian Summer
    Tring Fanny Ebbs
    Lincoln Green Gyle No. 1 and Gyle No. 3
    Woods Athletes Ale
    Brewsters Hop a Doodle Doo

    A tough choice this week as all of the above were excellent, but have to go for the Springhead Aegir Blonde tried in the Cock and Hoop, Nottingham.

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