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Thread: First ever pint in a pub

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    Default First ever pint in a pub

    Reading through some of the replies to the top three all time favourite beers thread it struck me there's a bit of nostalgia in the air.So what was the first ever pint you purchased in a pub,I don't mean the crafty Bitter Shandy your Uncle sneaked you when nine or ten.If this thread has been done before,I'm sure its quite possible and someone will put me right ,apologies but I've not managed to trawl through the last five years threads yet. So here's my offering.
    First ever pint paid for in a pub was Ind Coope Mild (keg) cost me if my memory's right a whopping 15p.
    First ever real ale was Burton Ale (Ind Coope) followed by Courage Directors which isn't too bad a pint to this day. Of course there was much Double Diamond ,Skol and Harp to be had as well back then.
    Those were the days .
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    To be honest, I think this has been done elsewhere, but no worries. My first pint was at the tender age of 13, in The College, Wakefield, after playing an away rugby match for school just up the road. (The start of a long association between rugby and beer.) It was a pint of John Smith's and I'm guessing it was around 29 pence? The thought of it makes me shudder, as I remember trying to talk in a ridiculous deep voice to hide my tender years.
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    Mine was Vaux Samson in Seaburn near Sunderland. I was a student nurse on £12 a month after they took my board off, and made a half last most of the night!
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    I used to drink bottles of Newcastle Brown in the Fountain Wrockwardine Wood whilst still in School Uniform , the first pint i brought was probally M&B Springfield Bitter which i used to drink in my first couple of locals before moving on to Bass .
    First real ale was probally Wem Bitter which is why most of my drinking companions from that era now drink lager , it was rank stuff
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    It was a pint of Light & Bitter in a Pub at lunch time back in 1973 I remember it was Toby Light Ale and Bitter but cant remember what bitter I think it was Bass as it was on hand pump. in a Charringtons House the Cambridge on the rounderbout at North Circular & Silver Street in Edmonton. Pubs long gone under the road widening.
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    Mine was in a pub in Walsall called The Katz, now the Victoria, on the day I left school in 1986 (I changed out of my school uniform first). I don't remember the drink I bought but in all likelihood it would have been a pint of Carling Black Label accompanied by one of their huge chip butties. I remember coming home on the bus after drinking 2 pints and feeling rather squiffy!

    I became a regular that summer and watched the '86 Mexico World Cup in there, when Lineker won the Golden Boot. Happy days.
    Waes hael!

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    My 1st pint in a pub was in The Globe Inn, Gorton Manchester when I was 13. The landlord (my uncle Tony) put a pint of handpulled Walkers Bitter in front of me and said "Get that down your neck!" I thought it tasted horrible (much more bitter than Coca Cola!) but didn't let it show and got it down in about 1 hour.
    The 1st one I actually bought was in the Portland Dive Bar, Manchester in 1966. It would have been DoubleDiamond in my misspent keg days. We sent classmate Graham Stringer MP to the bar because we were all under age and he was by far the tallest.
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    Tetleys Mild 1/6 equal to seven and a half pence in todays money, that was Tap Room price back in 1965 in Leeds.

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    Draught Guinness costing either 15p or 18p and purchased while wearing school uniform, ah the good old days. We had used off-licenses/supermarkets before that of course

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    struggling to remember but first pint was probably tennent's lager and first real ale timothy taylor landlord
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