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This weekend sees the start of a couple of months of excitement for us beer tickers, with the Queens Jubilee, followed by the football Euro 2012 championships, and then the Olympic Games. Plenty of opportunity there for brewers to come up with new beers especially for the occasion. Or is there ?

It's that old chestnut again. Is the beer I am drinking a new beer, or merely an old beer rebadged to fit the event ? How do I know ? Often I just have to trust the brewer. If they say a beer is a new beer who am I to dispute this ? Let's face it, they are not likely to say this is usually called 'Best Bitter' but to up our chances of selling it we are calling it 'Jubilee', or 'Olympic Beer' are they ? I know most small brewers are honest in what they do and each new beer gets a new name, but I am sure that a percentage will brew one beer and rename it three times.

Nevertheless, it should be a good time for 'tickers'. I have already had a beer called 'God Save The Queen', suffered one called 'Street Party' and am eagerly awaiting one called 'Beth's Bitter' and that is just for starters. Let's hope there are plenty of new beers about to whet our appetites through the next few weeks, and the nation's microbrewers can do us proud and show why Britain's brewing industry is the best in the world, whatever the beer is called.