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Thread: Saxons drinking Peroni ??

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    Default Saxons drinking Peroni ??

    I'm on my Sunday morning walk in St Albans and there is a Saxon battle re enactment going kn later. They are advertising Saxon themed food and drink but one stall is selling hog roast (fair enough) and Peroni ?? I'm not a great historian but isn't there something weird about Saxons drinking a beer brewed in Italy. Is this an 'epic fail' or was i not listening properly in history lessons.
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    I suppose they could argue that when the Saxons invaded Britain it was still very Roman influenced , hence the Italian beer , for more accuracy maybe a traditional northern German beer like a Bock originaly from the Einbeck near the old Saxon cities of Hanover and Brunswick would suffice , 6%+ beer in this heat , bad head here we come
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    Given the price , over £5 a pint in my local, I guess this is down to "rip off" more than authenticity

    Never tried it, maybe it is nectar from God's etc, but was told by a drinker it was sort of Italian Wife beater
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