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Who hasn't slipped into a pub for a quick pee and then slipped out again without buying anything? I certainly have and have no compunction in doing so. I have spent countless thousands of pounds in pubs and feel it is a kind of right on that basis, though I only do it when I am caught severely short.

On Sunday as we all sat at our table binge drinking Lees Bitter, a couple of young girls came in. I say young, but I don't mean of illegal drinking age. After a little confusion which saw them being diverted from the Gents, they nipped into the Ladies, did whatever was needed and then came out and had a quick confab. It was clearly along the lines of "Should we buy a drink?" There was obviously no consensus reached (or maybe it was a compromise) as they approached the bar and bought one soft drink, which was quickly consumed. Now our pub is in the middle of nowhere and is quite relaxed about walkers coming in purely to use the facilities without being encumbered by any embarrassment about peeing and pissing off, but I wonder where that line should be drawn.

We have all seen signs saying "Toilets for Customer Use Only". I kind of agree with that in principle, but see above.

What do others do and in what circumstances?