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The subject of unpublished blog posts came up the other day, so I thought I'd have a look at mine. There are quite a few - 52 in fact - some of which I don't even remember. Some are half finished, some just a few words or a title and one or two nearly complete. Some of course were reworked, renamed and published, but a lot just didn't make the cut. Some of the titles are interesting - to me as much as anyone else - as I can't think what they were going to be about. Two - maybe three - are not too bad and after a little tweaking, I'll likely publish them.

Of others I don't remember, one is titled "Fleece". What was I going to say about that for goodness sake? Another, intriguingly is called "Talking Shite" and yet another "What's Normal Then?" Both these sound promising, but are a complete mystery to me. Of the two mentioned above, one is nearly ready to publish and was written on 18th August 2011. It is called "Those Were the Beers of My Life." It occurs to me that it would have been a valid entry in Pete Brown's recently hosted The Session - Beer Moments, but too late.

Watch out for it soon.