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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 13th May 2012)

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    I failed to better my first pint of the week, which was Magic Rock Carnival in the Euston Tap on the Bank Holiday Monday.

    The only other contenders were Mauldons Black Adder and Westerham Jubilation Ale.

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    A quite exceptional week for beer, bolstered by a long weekend in London. Tried this week:

    Ossett - King Offa.
    Oakham - Inferno.
    Hopback - Summer Lightning.
    Dr Mortons - Moose Abuse Juice.
    Batemans - Spring Goddess.
    Rudgate - Ruby Mild. *
    Bridgehouse - Porter.
    Saltaire - Dark Matter.
    Manns - St George & Dragon.
    St Austell - Tribute.
    Crouch Vale - Yakima Gold.
    Thornbridge - Kipling.
    Cottage - Mallard IPA.
    Downton - Forest Dark.
    Acorn - Lightness.
    Marlow - Rebellion Mild.
    Wolf - Wolf in Sheeps Clothing.
    Bank Top - Dark Mild.
    Prospect - Nutty Slack.
    Twickenham - Honey Dark.
    Windsor & Eton - Kohinoor.
    Fullers - ESB.
    Otter - Ale.
    Brains - Milkwood.
    Windsor & Eton - Knight of the Garter.
    Kirkstall - Pale Ale.
    Red Squirrel - Hopfest.
    Youngs - Special.
    Itchen Valley - Hampshire Rose.
    Cottage Tornado.
    Gales - Spring Sprinter.
    Fullers - London Pride.
    Becks - Vier.**
    Greene King IPA**
    Twickenham - Gothick Dark.
    Whitstable - Eastern IPA.
    Beowulf - Finn's Hall Porter.
    Dark Star - Golden Gate.

    A lot of these beers were very disappointing in their conditioning, so the only real contenders were the Inferno, Kohinoor and Bank Top. As it's May, I'll go with the MILD.

    * Tried twice, at the The Brewers Pride, Ossett and The Duchess of Cambridge, W6. Like drinking two completely different beers. You probably don't have to guess too hard which one I preferred!

    ** Yes, yes, I know. I was held to ransom inside Twickenham stadium at the time.
    'And where he supped the past lived still. And where he sipped the glass brimmed full' John Barleycorn, Carol Ann Duffy.

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    Very rarely is a new beer from Marble a bad thing and my BOTW is no exception.

    Marble Spring, light, but powerful. Hoppy, but not too intense. Strong (4.6%), but not a silly ABV.

    I had several of these at The Baum on Friday/Saturday until the cask went off.
    A pub is for life not just for Christmas

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    A few decent beers at the Banbury beer fest last Saturday, a toss-up between White Horse Black Horse Porter and London Fields Hackney Hopster. I'll go with the White Horse Black Horse Porter.

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