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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 13th May 2012)

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    Default Beer of the Week (w/e 13th May 2012)

    Spinko: Kelham Island Pale Rider
    Oggwyn Trench: Isle of Arran Dark
    Old Blue: Ringwood Old Thumper
    Real Ale Ray: Steamin Billy Billy Bitter
    Bucking Fastard: Mighty Oak Dove T'ale
    oldboots: Kirkstall Dissolution
    PaulOfHorsham: Brodies London Fields Pale Ale
    Millay: Harveys Sussex Bitter
    Thuck Phat: Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Pubsignman: Magic Rock Carnival
    aleandhearty: Bank Top Dark Mild
    ROBCamra: Marble Spring
    Quinno: White Horse Black Horse Porter
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    Just a couple of memorable ones for me this weekend.

    Leeds - Jubilee IPA
    Kelham Island - Pale Rider

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    Had a crawl around Shrewsbury last night starting in some of the less traveled pubs , beer got more interesting as the night went on

    Banks - Mild
    Jennings - Slap and Tickle
    Black Sheep - Bitter
    Isle of Arran - Dark
    Salopian - Lemon Dream
    Salopian - Oracle
    Hobsons - Old Prickly
    Blue Monkey - 99 Red Babboons
    Banks - Sunbeam
    Salamander - Gun Jumper

    BOTW Isle of Arran - Dark
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    Most of mine this week were from a bank holday crawl round the Surrey/Sussex countryside:

    Red Squirrel - Hopfest
    Hall & Woodhouse - Firkin Fox, Hopping Hare, and Tanglefoot
    Tillingbourne - Falls Gold
    Ringwood - Old Thumper
    Marstons - Me Duck

    Old Thumper gets it from me, an excellent pint drink in the Parrot in Forest Green
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    Got to sample Steamin Billy beers in Leicester this week at last !

    Steamin Billy - Billy Bitter and Tipsy Fisherman
    Newby Wyke - Kingston Topaz
    Slaters - Magic Monkey
    Spitting Feathers - Thirstquencher

    BOTW Billy Bitter 4.2
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    A beer famine after a feast the previous week,so BOTW an easy choice in Dove T'ale another winner from Mighty Oak.Full of flavour for a 3.9% and in top condition in The old Cross Tavern,Hertford.

    Midweek visit to Brum might yield a few decent contenders

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    Hard choice this week, not because of the quantity of different beers but because the quality hasn't been outstanding even in usually reliable places

    it will be Kirkstall Dissolution from this list although the Leeds Acension came very close and the Mary Hoppins was a great disappointment considering the good things heard about it.

    Roosters Buckeye
    Salamander Mind Meld mIld
    Rudgate Jorvik Blonde
    Wensleydale Gherman
    Leeds Acension
    Roosters Maypole
    Salamander Thebe
    Naylors Pinnacle Stout
    Moorhouses Black Cat
    Moorhouses Blond Witch
    Moorhouses Pride of Pendle
    Moorhouses Pendle Witches Brew
    Greene King No Tick Bitter
    Black Sheep Bitter
    Greene King Libertine
    Ilkley Mary Hoppins
    Mahou lager
    Leeds Pale
    Ilkley MJ Pale
    Fosters lager
    Sam Smiths Sovereign
    Kirkstall 3 Swords
    Revolution Clash London Porter
    Kirkstall Dissolution IPA
    Rudgate Lokis Mischief
    Elland Beyond the Pale
    Castle Rock Screech Owl

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    This week, Brodies gets the nod. Saturday's Brighton mini-crawl started with London Fields Pale Ale - hoppy & sessionable, and compared very favourably with the Hophead that followed. Last beer of the night was a half of the 6.1% Hackney Red IPA - very hoppy indeed.

    So: Brodies London Fields Pale Ale it is.
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    It's not been a particularly prolific week and I've even been drinking lager. Had a couple of nice pints of KI Pale Rider but my BotW is going to be Harveys Sussex Bitter, enjoyed at the Brewers Arms down here in Lewes. You can't beat drinking beer on the doorstep of the brewery.
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    A quiet week with only two ales tried:
    Oakham Bishops Farewell
    Art Brew Liz's Lemon

    I usually like Art Brew's beers but the Liz's Lemon was a touch bitter even for me so BOTW goes to the ever excellent Oakham Bishops Farewell.

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