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Thread: Eaton Farm, Long Easton

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    Default Eaton Farm, Long Easton

    For some reason, I am getting an error message on the 'Add Missing Pubs' page when I enter the postcode (and thus I can't complete the process). It worked OK last time I used it, and I've tried the usual stuff (such as tirning the PC off and back on again) so I don't know what's happened...

    Anyway, I am having to submit this suggestion manually:

    Eaton Farm
    Wilsthorpe Road
    Long Eaton
    NG10 4AW

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    Hi rpadam,

    The add pubs tool is completely reliant on a Google geo-lookup and if for any reason your computer cant get to Google or Google maps is down the tool will fail. If that sort of thing is happening though, it is good to just post it up here and we will sort it out.

    We have added the Eaton Farm.

    Thanks a lot for that.

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