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Thread: Beer of the Week (w/e 6th May 2012)

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    It's going to be an old favourite this week, Wychwood Hobgoblin.
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    A few in Cask before the long weekend, and I finished off with a mighty Mikkeller Citra - chock-full of hops but delivered in a rather more rounded manner than some of the Hope's Extreme beers from the previous week.
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    I only managed a paltry two pints last week - Thornbridge Wild Swan edges out Westerham Saison D'Etre for BOTW.

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    Reading Beer Festival and lots of great beers. Highlights:

    Zerodegrees Pale Ale, Ascot Vanilla Penguin Porter, Windsor & Eton Kohinoor plus four from Magic Rock, two Hardknott (new to me) and XT4, a beer that came from the wood and had that unmistakable flavour imparted into the liquid.

    So hard to pick but I think XT4 from the wood shades it for being unusual. Otherwise it would have been Windsor & Eton Kohinoor.
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    Not a great selection for me last week:

    Kirkstall Pale Ale (former BOTW, now a regular in the Old Bell in Fleet St as people liked it so much when it was a guest)
    Caledonian Dutchman
    Nethergate Three Mills Pale Ale
    Sheps Bishops Finger

    I'll go for the Otter as it went down so well in the Canbury Arms in Kingston on Sunday.
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    Very late submission this week due to a few days of illness, so choice was a bit limited.

    I think I'm going to go for Moorhouse's Pendle Porter as BOTW though.

    I'm not a great fan of Moorhouse's, especially their lazy mixes pretending they're new beers.

    But Pendle Porter really is a new beer.
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