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Thread: Scotland bound from Canada

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    Quote Originally Posted by Harrynkingston View Post
    I am staying at the Premier Inn Haymarket in Edinburgh
    The Premier Inn at Haymarket is a new build budget hotel and should be up to a decent, but basic, standard.

    Haymarket is in Edinburgh's West End and you're only about 10 minutes walk from the end of Princes Street.

    There's a few good pubs nearby.

    The Haymarket Bar a smart chain pub (Nicholsons) with a large selection of real ales.

    Thomson's Bar A trditional Scottish bar selling homemade pies plus a good selection of ale.

    Berts Bar this used to be my local. Decent selection of beer and pub food.

    Teuchters across the road from Berts. Has a decent restaurant underneath.

    Mathers Bar a typical stand up traditional Scottish bar with a decent selection of ale.

    There's a good Indian restaurant facing the Haymarket pub called Omars as well.

    There's loads of good pubs in Edinburgh, several mentioned by Hondo, that are well worth a trip to.

    Nothing's that far away in Edinburgh really as it's quite a compact city, nothing like the sprawling mass that is Toronto.

    The ones I've suggested are within easy reach of your hotel.
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    Must remember to return to this thread in a couple of months for my own trip north of the border...
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