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Beer and cheese are perfect bedfellows. This is one of those truths that people scoff at until they actually test the proposition, and then they crumple and weep at the realisation that everything they know is wrong.

I could carry on in this vein for another thousand words, but have a look at this "Cheese Wars" video. If you're a frequent visitor to our humble retail operation, then you'll realise that what we're offering doesn't quite match the structured grandeur of a tasting hosted by the editor-in-chief of The Oxford Companion to Beer. But we are offering a few small glasses of beer to match with some nice cheeses. It's might not be the moon on the stick, but it's a start.

It's hosted by Leigh of The Good Stuff. Ghost Drinker might float in and out. Juffage might give us a song. All this and more could be yours, for the princely sum of no pounds. So pop along, why don't you?