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Thread: London, Beer, TV Football

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    Default London, Beer, TV Football

    Who has a favourite London (or outskirts) pub to watch football on tv (Sky) which also offers a good range of ale of good condition?
    Every time a big game approaches I agonise about where to watch.
    The Traf has now had to forsake Sky due to price and intransigence of the provider (who will find themselves pricing the package out of an ever increasing number of pubs).
    The The Cricketers was good but recently poor ale condition means I've had to give up on that completely.
    The Green Dragon is not a bad option, but they are selective about when they provide volume for commentary, and City vs u*&^%d is likely to fill the place with never-been-to-a-match herberts, a common problem around the capital.
    Ship is becoming a favourite to throw some comedy darts, and has good tv coverage, but beer is just Fullers, albeit full range (incl HSB) and excellent condition.
    George was pretty good for a midweeker recently with a better than usual range of beers.
    I considered further out at Willoughby, or Prince of Wales (now 6 or 8 pumps) but just can't decide.

    Anyone know of any beery-tv-no idiots jewels out there?

    ps. at athe moment, the Blythe may get the nod...
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    Only one I can think of, without really knowing London well, is the Euston Flyer. They usually have a couple of Fuller's on I think.

    Might have a similar conundrum myself the weekend at the end of April, when I'll want to watch the Challenge Cup games down there!

    It's a tough double being someone who likes to watch sport on TV and drink real ale, the numbers that cover both really are limited. In Leeds, Foley's is great for it and gets rammed for any football or rugby league, but it doesn't offer decent vantage spots unless you're there a while ahead of kick off. PIN, just behind the Adelphi, is also pretty good. In a place I don't know well I usually end up drinking Stella so I can watch the game

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    One you may want to consider is The Wheatsheaf,Borough Market ,which did have a lot of screens and some decent real ale on my last trip.However for a City v United fixture I suspect you will be in a minority if you decide to do The Poznan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bucking Fastard View Post
    I suspect you will be in a minority if you decide to do The Poznan
    Hey, I'd just like a reason to do it! Surprised this place has Sky, but thanks for a decent suggestion BF.

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    Check this website out:

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