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Thread: Pub music appreciation thread

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    Nips back from corner of bar to say the only pub I have found with live music that I liked was The Halfway Inn where the live music is a proper pianist playing softly in background, sort of Girshwin & the like, whilst discerning drinkers / diners got on with the reason got their visit
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    The Globe in Liverpool is full of extremely milllitant OAPs, their taste in music is rooted in the 1950s. I remember one evening in there when the Frank Sinatra compilation track was turned off things got ugly, order was only restored soon after when Dean Martin singing "That's Amore" was put on. I offer this merely as an observation on the timelessness of pub music and I would say personally it's all down to taste and importantly to circumstance. For me live music is a plus regardless of how noisy or tuneless it may be, someone is creating something .............albeit a bloody racket, however given the right time and the right circumstances it can be brilliant.

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