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Tomorrow sees the start of Wetherspoons spring ale festival, going on until Sunday 1st April. I have written before about their festivals and this one has taken the same format as the previous ones. Briefly, there are 50 beers available, some old favourites, some new, during the course of the festival. Not all on the bar at once, but on the handpumps at their pubs, so hopefully every pub should have each beer on at least once. There are also a selection of beers brewed by foreign brewers on British brewers plants to give us a taste of what other countries have to offer. I have yet to see a full beer list so details of what is about is a little sketchy.

It is a good excuse to get out and about a bit, especially in West Yorkshire where it seems every town has at least one outlet, and some even more. A Day Rover and a bit of planning can get you to all sorts of places that you never normally think of going.

If you tend to avoid the Cherry Tree, call in. It has been refurbished, new carpets, fresh paint work and a general spruce up has given it a cleaner, fresher feel and makes it quite a pleasant place to have a pint. Shame they haven't spruced up the clientele though.