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The results of the public bar poll are pretty conclusive.

I didn’t vote in this poll, and I’m a touch ambivalent about the result. I’m all in favour of pubs having multiple spaces to accommodate multiple pursuits, and possibly that’s how people interpreted the question. But I’m not convinced about the old-fashioned public bar, a Spartan space intended to encourage male working-class perpendicular volume drinking. That kind of segregation by class and sex is largely a thing of the past now.

And, even when pubs provide the design cues to direct the “vault trade” to a particular part of the pub, they often cheerfully ignore it. Well-designed pubs segregate customers without them even knowing it. Compartmentalisation is great, but the designated public bar is, to be honest, something from a vanished era.

Incidentally, “Other room!” is what I once heard an old-school licensee bark when some scruffy customers wandered into the lounge of his pub.