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As I have said before, one of the better brewers about is Malcolm Bastow at Five Towns, near Wakefield. I never cease to be impressed by his beers and he can turn his hand to any style of beer, even recently brewing a rhubarb beer. But this is not the one that came to my attention yesterday.

If you have read the previous post you will be aware of his '65'. A light beer brewed to 6.5%, and dangerously drinkable. It has plenty of hop flavour there, but subtle rather than overpowering, and has the taste of New World hop freshness, underpinned by a pleasant maltiness that complements the hops rather than working against them. I found that the taste changed by drinking it with and without sparkler. Without brought out more of the hop flavour in the beer, with, made the beer more rounded and gentle. But whichever way you drink it, it is an another excellent Five Towns beer, get it while you can.