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I have the whole day ahead of me here in London. Where shall I go? Maybe to check out one or two things? Is the Draft House cask beer any good? Is the Southampton Arms still buzzing? What about Mason and Taylor, not far at all and like the Draft House, shall we say challenged in the cask ale department, at least it was previously? That certainly could do with a check, as similar to the Draft House, I like the place immensely, but not so much the warm beer. Maybe Welsh beer at the Rake? I know. Welsh beer, but still.

Maybe out to check out Brodies at the King Bill? I could even go to Camden and have a gander at BrewDog - only kidding - you knew that - or I could just go to Clerkenwell and know I'll get good beer.

London's beer world is at my feet. Better get dressed then. Ideas welcome. It's still a while until opening time.

Of course I need to go to Waitrose for the shopping first.