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Ever since those first puckering sips of Summer Wine’s lovely Lime & Coriander Saison last year, I’ve been waiting for them to get the stuff in a bottle so I can get it in the kitchen. I was a little torn between a couple of ideas that I had knocking about; but a quick flick through my Belgo cookbook gave me a little inspiration. Something simple and hearty, but with a little twist.
Oh, and buy a couple of beers. Trust me, one isn’t enough when cooking with this one.
It’s all about the Saison Sauce, really. To start, make a smooth but not too thick Bechamel; stirring Plain Flour into melted butter and about a third of the Saison until a roux is formed, then slowly adding Milk, whisking as you go. Once that’s done, you can flavour it with grated fresh Ginger – about an inch, grated finely – and a whole fisftul of chopped Coriander. A little black pepper, and you’re done.
Get some halved Potatoes on the boil, and have a little slurp of the beer. Go on. You’ve deserved it.*
Keep that warm (in a saucepan with a lid) whilst you simply saute about a small chopped*Leek, *100g each of chopped, fresh Tiger Prawns, and a handful of Mussels – kept whole. When they are cooked through, add everything *to the sauce. Stir and taste. You want more Ginger – go for it. More Coriander? Be my guest. What you want is plenty of zing, enough to lift the creaminess of the sauce.
All you need do now is pan-fry a couple of fillets of Sea Bass or any other firm fleshed, white fish in a little Olive oil. Go skin-side down first to get that all crisped up, then flip. Once cooked, serve up with the fish and the boiled spuds. Simple – yes. Tasty? Hell yes. Moreish but not rich due to the Coriander and Saison, when served with the rest of the *beer it’s a fragrant mouthful.

From a distance, it does sound a little strange, but it’s kind of like a cross between Thai Green Seafood Curry – minus the heat – and Belgian style Cream/Seafood dishes. Serve with warm bread to scoop up the leftover sauce, and enjoy that beer.
If you’ve not tried it , Summer Wine’s Lime & Coriander Saison (6%abv) is exactly that; a golden Saison with a heart of smooth, creamy malt and an aroma of gentle spice and pith, overlaid with zingy, zippy Lime notes that get drier, longer and more bitter as the sip goes on. It’s flavourful, supremely refreshing, and stupidly light. In other words – get some.