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I keep forgetting not everyone thrills to the raw power of numbers as I do. They prefer the dense slabs if information cheese to be laid out in a graphical manner. Pretty wavy lines, colours, that sort of thing. Who am I to deny them their fun?

The upside is that it negates the need for me to add much description. The picture does, indeed, tell a story. Anything that saves me a few words is more then welcome. I worry about using up all the ones I have. There can't be an infinite supply, can there?

Drawing back just before the cliff of irrelevance, let's ramble back to my theme. I think it's over there behind that barn. The number of pub and hotel licences in Scotland 1945 to 2009. It sounds awfully dry when you put it like that. Just remember, every number is more than a mere cipher. It represents a place of fun, friendship, celebration, comfort and occasional inebriation. In other words, a living breathing pub.

I was supposed to be saving on words. I'll stop now. And save some valuable words for tomorrow.