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As the previous post suggests, there is a festival at the Rat and Ratchet this weekend, showcasing beer from the Rat Brewery, (and a handful of guests as well). Eleven Rat beers are on offer, mostly showing off their core range, but there are three (I think) specials on the bar as well. The core range covers beers of many styles, from the light easy drinking 'White Rat', to the dark, and equally easy drinking 'Black Rat' . There was something to suit every taste. Even stronger beer fans are catered for with 7.4% 'Ratsputin' on the bar, and also available as the brewery's first bottled beer, should this be your thing. The two new ones to me were both 3.8% beers, 'Love Rat' and 'Centennial' (the latter being a single hopped beer), and both fitted well into the Rat stable, if that isn't a contradiction in terms.

To make the festival every better, every pint comes with a 50p discount to card carrying Camra members, making most of the beers around the £2 mark, or even less in some cases. And visitors today can view the brewery downstairs between 2pm and 5pm and meet the brewers.

Seems like a good way to pass off a chilly afternoon.