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Congratulations to local CAMRA member Mark McConachie who has recently completed an epic journey around all 370 pubs owned by Stockport family brewer Robinson’s. Their estate stretches as far as Anglesey, the southern Peak District and North Lancashire, so the pubs are by no means all on his doorstep.

Some might regard him as a glutton for punishment, but to my mind (and I’m sure Mark’s as well) Robinson’s beers are very enjoyable when well kept. In the past few years Robinson’s have acquired a number of new pubs sold off by pub companies, so he might have thought they were moving the target as he approached it.

No doubt he will have visited a fair number of pubs over the years that have subsequently closed. Significantly, he says:
“Twenty years ago pubs were a bit different. There were a few squalid ones but they all seem to have upped their game now. But you see fewer people in them and quite a lot have closed.”