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I've been very pleased with Lulu so far. They seem more reasonable than traditional publishers. I appreciate this January discount. Very sporting of them.

The kids have been trying to rip off each other's ears again. Typically, in an argument what to watch on the telly. No hospital treatment required this time. You can run off concussion, can't you? Thought so. He'll be fine after cycling to school. It's nearly light when he leaves.

I'm plotting a visit to Glasgow later this year. For one pretty obvious reason. And Glasgow Beer Week. That, too. And a few Rab C. Nesbitt sites. Anyone know the real identity of Restitution Street? Is the Giblet safe to enter? I've been told I have a slight English accent. That shouldn't matter, should it?

Have to sign off now. Tea and a second Abt beckon from across the room. Foxy little devils. You understand, surely, why I need to go?

Just time for the commercial bit.

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