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03-01-2012, 22:13
rpadam: Harvey's Old Ale
Alesonly: Theakston Old Peculier
Oggwyn Trench: Corvedale Dark and Delicious
PaulOfHorsham: The Kernel India Export Porter
Thuck Phat: Titanic Full Steam Ahead
oldboots: Black Sheep Ruddy Ram
Wittenden: Ascot Anastasia's Exile Stout
Old Blue: Surrey Hills Greensand IPA
Bucking Fastard: Vale Waes Hael
RogerB: Arkells Kingsdown Special Ale
ROBCamra: Marston's Single Hop Wai-Iti
Pubsignman: Salopian Oracle
Quinno: Marble Ginger
Spinko: Loddon Ferryman's Gold

Harvey's Old Ale in the village club - first time we've managed to get in - fantastic stuff...

04-01-2012, 10:37
Harvey's Old Ale in the village club - first time we've managed to get in - fantastic stuff...

No more beer this week then rp? Or is this on the wrong thread?

04-01-2012, 21:10
No more beer this week then rp? Or is this on the wrong thread?
It was just an assumption (rash or otherwise) that I wouldn't get a better pint all week!

07-01-2012, 15:45
An interesting description from the non-pub related 'Caught by the River' blog:


(Northern beer aficionados might like the description about the head on this particular pint...)

08-01-2012, 01:28
Very Dry week Again only Two Pints of Old Peculier and that was on Monday.

So this weeks Ale is Theakstons Old Peculier.

Oggwyn Trench
08-01-2012, 15:31
Decent session yesterday

Skinners - Betty Stoggs
Coach House - Coachmans Best Bitter
Corvedale - Dark and Delicious
Salamander - Scavangers Daughter
Empire - Enter the Dragon
Wychwood - Bah Humbug
Wye Valley - Dorothy Goodbody Golden Ale

BOTW Corvedale - Dark and Delicious , a gorgeous dark bitter from deepest Shropshire :drinkup:

08-01-2012, 16:17
Finally finished the Christmas Hophead, which restricted other opportunities. However, at St. Pancras station, I did pick up a bottle (500ml) of The Kernel (http://thekernelbrewery.com/) India Export Porter (6.5%) and I'm glad I did. Wow! Really hoppy, but Porter-like at the same time. Bottle-conditioned, but one of the good ones.

Must spend more time investigating this brewer in 2012.

Thuck Phat
08-01-2012, 17:41
Only two to choose from this week but both excellent: Oakham Bishops Farewell and BOTW Titanic Full Steam Ahead. A traditional best bitter colour but with a lovely bitterness which demands another pint or two and at 4.4% that works very well.

08-01-2012, 18:03
An interesting week for beer, as we approach the voting for the 2013 GBG I've been in some odd pubs and drunk some beers different to my usuals,

Tetley's (Black Country) Bitter comes to mind although it has a Yorkshire taste and in of two pubs in one village, one was great the other was average. Old Peculiar was another beer I've not had for a while and it was pretty good, as was a Golden Pippin I had out in the sticks, Goose Eye Chinook is another superb beer I haven't had for a while but all in all I'm plumping for a Black Sheep seasonal in Ruddy Ram a porter but they don't admit it on the clip. Excellent and well balanced no overwhelming nasty patent black sourness as with, well just for example; Salamander Stand & Deliver Porter which is probably "one to avoid" never mind a BABOTW.

08-01-2012, 18:32
A mixed,dare I say jaded,week for beer. Two pub visits,three unshattering beers:
Badger: Pickled Partridge, a reasonable ruddy ale,fairly friuty, bit of hop.
Badger: Tanglefoot-a dull, inoffensive thin fruitcake.
Sheps:Late Red, seems disapointingly cloying this year, or is this just me?

The week was redeemed by a bottle of Ascot's Anastasia's Exile Stout.Jet black crisp and moreish, with coffee and dried fruit. Much more approacheable than the Imperial Russian Stouts that I also love.

Old Blue
08-01-2012, 20:15
My week's selection:
Oakham Scarlet Macaw
Oakham Bishops Farewell
Adnams Broadside
Surrey Hills Greensand IPA
Fullers ESB
Shepherd Neame Late Red
Brains Festive Cheer

I also didn't enjoy the Late Red as much as I did last year. The Festive Cheer I had seemed to be another mediocre Christmas beer, although served so cold it was difficult to tell what it would have been like at the correct temperature. Bishops Farewell was my BOTW last week. Surrey Hills Greensand IPA however surpassed my expectations of its 4.6% - a hoppy yet well balanced golden IPA, particularly tasty, drunk in the Three Horseshoes in Sidlow.

Bucking Fastard
09-01-2012, 09:00
A very poor week,only two pints :eek: but at least the Vale Waes Hael in the Crown and Septre at Briden's Camp was a reasonable BOTW.

This week should be a lot better ,with a boat trip down to the Magpie and Crown,Brentford.A rare outlet for Marble in London ,will there be some left? :pray: The pub have linked their twitter to their pub page and tweet available ales,a real help and another great feature of PuG.

09-01-2012, 09:34
Eased into the New Year with one minor session prior to the midweek Spurs game. Brodies Kiwi at the Cross Keys in Covent Garden was the main contender until last night when I had a superb pint of Arkells Kingsdown Special Ale at the Paper Moon in Dartford. A real treat to kick start my 2012 BotW list.

09-01-2012, 12:34
If every week this year is as good as this first one, then I'm in for an excellent 12 months of drinking.

Very hard to pick a BOTW from a list that included:

Dark Star Hophead and APA
Titanic Chocolate and Vanilla Stout
Wye Valley Butty Bach
Slaters Mud City Stout
Purple Moose Glaslyn Ale
Oakham JHB

All worthy contenders but I'm going to go for Salopian Oracle - an inspired choice of house beer in the newly opened Post Office Vaults in Birmingham.

10-01-2012, 07:32
Loddon - Ferryman's Gold, sampled in Quinno's favourite The Nags Head. It meant I gave the Jaipur a complete swerve !

A close second was Oxfordshire Ales - Pride of Oxford, which was sampled heavily in the Monks Retreat Wetherspoons also in Reading.

10-01-2012, 09:56
Loddon - Ferryman's Gold, sampled in Quinno's favourite The Nags Head. It meant I gave the Jaipur a complete swerve !.


My BOTW is Marble Ginger, sampled (heavily) in The Hobgoblin (http://www.pubsgalore.co.uk/pubs/1661/) a 'proper' ginger ale.

10-01-2012, 10:35
Marston's In Good Beer Shocker!!! :p

Quite a quiet week for beers in the pub as we were round at a friends house on Saturday.

The surprise of the week was Marston's Single Hop Wai-Iti tried in The Baum.

This year Marston's are going to brew a monthly seasonal from a single hop variety.

This one is a New Zealand Hop and if they're all as good as this then we're in for a treat.

I managed 3 pints of it before it sold out on Friday. It was only on the bar for 3 hours. I told you it was good. :cheers:

10-01-2012, 11:12
Marston's In Good Beer Shocker!!! :p

Nahhh...you being paid? :p

10-01-2012, 11:16
Nahhh...you being paid? :p


It's all true!!! :drinkup: