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13-12-2011, 19:53
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http://boakandbailey.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/londonspypubillo1.jpg (http://boakandbailey.com/wp-content/uploads/2008/09/londonspypubillo1.jpg)A London pub, as illustrated by Kaffe Fassett for the New London Spy (1966)

It takes a certain kind of person to do a good job of running a pub.
A few years ago, a friend of ours gave up teaching after only a couple of years. She was doing well — she’d been promoted several times, and was popular with the children she taught — but, as she was sufficiently self-aware to realise, she just didn’t have the type of personality that could cope with it in the long term.
She was good with people but it just wore out her batteries, whereas some of her colleagues got a buzz from it. They were the ones who really enjoyed teaching: they liked being with 30 people for almost every hour of the working day.
She is an introvert, while the best of her colleagues were extroverts (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Extraversion_and_introversion), just like the best pub landlords.
The best landlords create a good atmosphere, rather than killing it. They never seem tired or give the impression that they would rather all those irritating customers would just go home. They’ll make conversation with anyone who wants it and always honour the promise of a “friendly welcome for all” chalked on the board outside.
Yes, landlords can have a lot of worries, but, sometimes, aren’t they just in the wrong line of business?
We’ve used that illustration before (http://boakandbailey.com/2008/09/22/london-pubs-in-the-1960s/), but we like it so much, we’re going to trot it out at least once a year.

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